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GigantiCo by Chris Grayson

Consumer Smart Glasses Bible Validation of 180 degree Virtual Reality waveguides near-eye optics with DigiLens and MagicLeap Saving Switzerland from Smartwatches Waveguides Eyetracking EEG UX, AI and the Ethics of Autonomous Cars, Moral Machine's Trolly Problem Long on LUCID Face Recognition is Augmented Reality's Killer App Should Microsoft acquire META Virtual Reality VR 3D 360° Camera Cameras Market Overview and Analysis and PDF deck Cambrian Explosion in Virtual Reality VR Augmented Reality AR plus bonus AR Eyewear in MEDICAL Apple Virtual Reality VR Augmented Reality AR Acquisitions iPhone 7 iPhone7 ViewMaster View-Master Microsoft HoloLens Review Unveiling SMART JEWEL by CHRISTOPHER GRAYSON Prototypes unveiled for Smart Jewel by Christopher Grayson Launch of SMART JEWEL by CHRISTOPHER GRAYSON at NYFW, New York Fashion Week, Swissnex Swiss Consulate, Zero Power Smart Fashion Jewelry JewelryTech Fashion FashionTech Tech Anouk Wipprecht Spider Dress Fashion Tech Couture Anouk Wipprecht Faraday Dress with ArcAttack Arc Attack, 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire Virtual Reality Content is Going to be HUGE Vuzix Virtually Undervalued, Market Capitalization Oculus Kickstarter Facebook, Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Second Coming, Version 2.0 Wearable Wednesday police bodycam body cam civil rights Telepathy Press event in New York City, with Takahito Iguchi TEDxSiliconAlley TEDx Silicon Alley 2012 Ray Kurzweil Juan Enriquez SXSW 2012, Chris Grayson Heidi Hysell, Augmented Reality, ARPA Internet