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In October Ken Goffman (aka. R.U. Sirius) launched a new venture. The cyberculture icon of Mondo 2000 fame has a new transhumanist magazine, H+. You won’t find this one on your newsstand yet, issue #1 of this quarterly publication has been released as a PDF only. You can download it here (and you should).

Transhumanism is a philosophy that explores/embraces the increasing integration of technology with the human race. In the words of the World Transhumanist Association — “The ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities.” H+ covers these issues technologically, biologically and philosophically — concerned with both the possible, and its implications for humanity.

I had held off covering this on GigantiCo, because I’ve been discussing with Ken a possible role for myself with the publication, and thus far none has precipitated. I had intended to cover the launch of the magazine in a more timely manner, with an announcement of my involvement. So far we are just talking. That’s not a bad thing, I hope the dialog will lead to something more. If it does, readers here will be first to know. Until then, keep an eye on H+.

EDIT: I am now working with H+. Details to come.


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