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Mobile AR, OOH and the Mirror World

The SlideShare above is the deck from my presentation at are2010 (Augmented Reality Event), at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It is titled Mobile AR, OOH and the Mirror World, and is partially based on my lengthier video, Mobile Augmented Reality, The Ultimate Game Changer, with more emphasis on marketing, and the implications on advertising business structure, with a focus on the convergence of mobile and OOH.

There is a convergence well underway in the marketing/advertising world between mobile and OOH/DOOH marketing, that is being accelerated by a technological convergence between Mobile Augmented Reality and Mirror Worlds (3D mapping of the real world, such as Street View). This development is explored from several angles, including a thorough, but easy to understand explanation of the relevant technologies. Subplot: For structural reasons, the large-network advertising agencies are not responding to this development.

This 20 minute presentation was given on Thursday morning, June 3, to an audience of slightly over a hundred people. It was in the “Business Track” of the three-track event (the other tracks being “Technology” and “Production”).

I was pleased that the presentations of both Earthmine CEO, Anthony Fassero (in the technology track) and Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Keynote speaker from Microsoft Bing Maps, covered some of the same territory, giving some qualified backing to my projections on the future shape of convergence between Mobile AR and Mirror Worlds. Excerpts from their presentations are in the videos below. Speaking on Photosynth, Microsoft Bing’s Street-Side View and how Mirror Worlds and Computer Vision will provide the tight visual registration to reality needed for strong mobile AR… in his own words, “That’s really… at the core of the vision that we’re trying to pursue.”

Blaise Aguera y Arcas:

Anthony Fassero:

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App Store Links: iPhone Apps featured in slides:
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Bionic Eye by Presslite

App Store Link: Android App featured in slides:
Google Goggles by Google

Restaurants featured in AR demo: Slide 63:
Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Ave. at 24th
Tabla 11 Madison Ave. at 25th