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H+ Magazine, Issue 3

I promised readers here they would be first to know, should anything come of my talks with H+ Magazine. Well, for issue #3 I received my first assignment. I’ve actually been a little tardy with my update— it’s been out for several weeks (I have been very busy).

I was asked to contribute an “Art” article. After considering various artists, and presenting Ken with some options, I eventually interviewed Christopher Conte (whose work some may recall I covered here once before at GigantiCo). We met over dinner at Yaffa, and at a later date I had the unique pleasure of photographing a couple of Mr. Conte’s pieces. A really swell guy too, I might add. I was given four pages to layout to my liking (only some minor font changes were made for the final edition, to better integrate my layout with the rest of the magazine).

Ken Goffman (aka. R.U. Sirius) has pulled together a great team and the whole process was a really good experience. I’m now discussing further assignments from H+ and hope to be an ongoing contributor.

Oh, and did I mention? They used one of my photos of a Christopher Conte sculpture for the cover.

You can download the Summer 2009 issue of H+ Magazine from here.